National Day of Prayer

May 6, 2010

We had a small group of about 25 at city hall here in La Grange. I had planned to only observe and pray as it was organized by a different group, but since I was the only pastor that was present they asked me to start the prayer meeting. I was honored to do so and after that everyone who was going to pray finished I asked one of the organizers if we could close by saying the Pledge so that we would show that we were praying for our country, not against it, as some have done. She agreed and I led in saying that Pledge, again an honor, as a pastor and old soldier. Yes, I did emphasize UNDER GOD. We then broke up and went our ways asking God for better days ahead than what we have seen.

In my prayer, I did ask God to clean up the Church so that we might be the lights in the darkness we are called to be and several echoed that sentiment as well. This nation will rise or fall on whether or not the Church gets right and gets back on mission.


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