Who Is An Anti-Christ?

May 6, 2010

There are many anti-Christs even among people who use His name for Matt 7 says that many shall say they did many things in His name and He will cast them out as workers of iniquity for He never knew them. That there are false prophets and cults will not be an excuse for not seeking the truth when you stand before God. Of course, the devil and evil men seek to corrupt the message and cause confusion. Tares will be sown. There would be no need for zirconium if there was not a real diamond that was highly valued to copy. Each person is to seek the true treasure and to weed through and cast off the zirconium or fakes.

There is one God and Jesus Christ is His son and perfect sacrifice for sin. He said you are either with Me or against Me. Therefore all that are not with Him are anti-Christs. Simple as that. Neither He nor did any of His apostles say that we should kill heretics or unbelievers. Paul said to reject, ignore, have nothing to do with them after the second admonition. The turth can handle adversaries and need not harm them. A lie must not have any detractors who might point out the lie.

Let each believe as they will for they have free will but in the end God will show them their error if they have not been born again by faith trusting in the free gift of Christ’s sacrifice for their sins. All other beliefs are evil and evil will twist the Gospel and do evil in its name to keep people from salvation and Heaven. There is nothing evil in the message though evil messagers may abound.

You have the right to not believe. My job and others like me is only to present the message clearly. After that, it is between you and God what you do with it. Accept or reject is fine but the goal is not have you try to use the escuse that you never heard when you stand before Him.

Jesus is Lord and will come again and reign in Jerusalem. They will look upon Him who they have pierced and all nations will come and worship Him there. Your option is to be in the Kingdom as part of His Church and Bride or reject Him and be judged by your works. That will not turn out well for you if you choose judgment. If you are alive at the Rapture and not taken you will not have another chance contrary to the “Left Behind” series. You will get to meet THE Anti-Christ and you may like him for awhile but in the end you will hate though you spend eternity where he will spend it. Embrace Christ as Savior or meet Him as Judge. His love wants you to choose Savior but if not, His righteousness and justice allows Him no other alternative but to be Judge.



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