Don’t Come Nekkid!

July 14, 2010

Much ado about nothing is made about church attire. God is more concerned about the adornment of your heart than your body.

I don’t care if they come barefoot and in bib overalls. Suits are for business men and they do not even wear them anymore. I tell people that I and the local law enforcement frown on coming to church nekkid but other than that there is no fancy dress code. Decent is all that is required.

I want poor people to feel they can come even if all they have are patched blue jeans and a T-shirt. James warns us about showing preference to those who can afford gaudy stuff over the poor man. I have preached just as good a sermon in jeans and boots, maybe better, as I have in the zoot suit uniform.

It is time we put nonsense away and get down to winning souls and edifying saints. God will dress the person’s body as He tailors their heart and soul.


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