Church Bells

August 20, 2010

The other day I was taking a walk and the church bells starting ringing. That brought back distant memories. Having grown up in a small town the church bells would ring each Sunday and some would announce noon every day. There were several churches in town so they would alternate times to avoid cacophony and instead complemented each other performing a small symphony on Sunday morning calling all in town to worship.

Once I entered into the Air Force and then college, my life took me to many large cities and places where there were no church bells. I had forgotten about them even after I had become a Christian in 1975. Hearing them again after so many years brought a smile and frown to my heart. Though they are still faithfully calling people to worship the numbers responding are far lower then when I was growing up. People have forsaken the symphony of the Church bells for the blaring trumpets of worldly pleasures or the cacophony of other philosophies.

My heart and prayer is that people would not only hear the call of bells enjoying the melodies but would also hear Christ calling to them in love. He offers love, forgiveness of our many sins along with an abundant life here and life eternal with Him. Hear the bells, but listen closely and hear His voice.


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