Feeling Small?

October 31, 2010

The mega-churches get all the glory and fame but look at the populations of the area around them. None can say they even have 10% of the population and unlikely even 10% of the believers. That means more people are being ministered to by the smaller churches and the not so rich and famous preachers. In that light, the megas aren’t all that wonderful after all. Big does not mean Blessed nor does Rich equal Righteousness. Remember Laodicea? In Scripture, God usually used the little guy (Nathan and Amos)to correct the big guy (David and Amaziah). Paul says that God has chosen the weak, base and foolish and that their would be few that are noble or wise after the estimation of this world. So feeling small, weak, base and foolish? Rejoice! You are in the majority and the one God said He uses. What can be bigger and better than that?


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