A Statistic’s Prayer

November 8, 2010

A Statistic’s Prayer

I did not believe in war
However, my life is no more!
I was downed by a shell running wild!
I left behind a wife and child

They sent her the medal from my chest
And laid me beneath the ground to rest.
They told her but, she could not see
That I had died to keep lands free.

At night, she cries and calls my name.
The child in her womb mourns the same.
Years have passed and my son has grown
And now has a wife and child of his own.

He goes to war, as did I.
Is it his turn to also die?
How many bodies will lie upon foreign ground
Before Man realizes his ignorance and turns around?

Their souls in Hell will surely burn,
If Mankind soon does not learn
That to stop blood spilling upon the land
Christ must rule the heart of every man.

Dear Lord, end this madness, so no more of my brood
Will meet their end by a means so crude!
Pour Thy wrath upon this sinful show
So widows’ and orphans’ tears no longer flow.

April 14, 1976 RES


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