November 8, 2010


I sought to be carried to God on flowery beds of ease.
Now, I kneel before Him upon fearful trembling knees.
Others gaze upon His glorious face while I can only look down.
My life lies before me in ashes I can give Him no crown.

There were those who called me to the Heavenly fight,
But I thought it enough to be saved by Gospel light.
I lived to satisfy my every selfish whim.
No sacrifice did I ever make for Him.

I struggled for just a little more ease and gold.
I never sensed how my heart had grown cold.
Doing what I pleased; playing it safe with my life.
I never felt the sting of persecution or strife.

If Christianity would have been a punishable crime,
There would have not been enough evidence for me to do time.
Yes, I appeared at the church house now and then
And sang about Jesus as my Savior and Friend.

All I cared about is destroyed and gone.
I cannot sing sweet Zion’s song.
Saved and forgiven, I shall not be lost,
But no joy abounding since I did not count the cost.

I thought it would not matter when I got here.
After all, did He not promise to dry every tear.
If only I’d thought of the sorrow I now see in His face
I would have run a much more faithful race.

Be careful, my brethren of how you live
Or only wood, hay, and stubble will you be able to give
To the One who redeemed you by His grace
And you too will see tears upon His face.

October 20, 1993 RES


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