November 8, 2010


Unto the slaves of sin and woe
Our Lord God has commanded us to go.
The Lord said go and you haven’t left yet?
You say that it is raining and you might get wet?

You say that the wind is raging and cold.
Just leave it to the young, as you are too old.
I can’t believe what meets my ears.
It’s enough to bring angels to tears.

Did Jesus say, it’s warm in my bed
Or wait until by belly is fed?
He could have said, maybe some other day or time.
You know I work hard and have to play some time.

It’s not the Father’s will that any be lost.
He paid the price, but we will not bear the cost
Of saying no to our flesh and say it, our sin
To find that lost and dying soul to win.

We have our pride. They might say no.
The commandment just tells us to go.
Not all will believe, call out, and repent.
Most often people killed the prophets God sent.

Someone told you, a friend or some kin,
Or into this family you would have never gotten in.
You take for the granted the gift from above.
You’ve forgotten the purpose of Calvary’s love.

If this old world is looking rather bleak and drear,
It’s because you’ve forgotten who you are and why you are here.
Renew your commitment to the One who saved your soul,
Then heed the commandment, don’t stand there, GO!

April 2, 1993 RES


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