If He Came Today

November 8, 2010

If He Came Today

If our dear Lord Jesus came today,
Can you tell me what you would say?
Would you be singing praises to His name
Or hanging your head in sinful shame? REFRAIN

Where would He find you if He came
In the church choir or a poker game?
Would you be singing a Gospel song
Or sneaking in from cheating all night long?

Would you be teaching Sunday School
Or lying on your face a drunken fool?
Would you be spending money on shady fun
Or helping missionaries tell of the Son?


I do not sing this song to judge
But from His Word, God will not budge.
To be redeemed on that glorious day
Belief in Christ is the only way!

Remember no matter what a man earns
He will not buy salvation when the Lord returns!
Brother, listen to what I say
Live like He is coming today!

Refrain full one time then Refrain fade out

Jul 24, 1975 RES


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