Rise Up, Fellow Soldier

November 8, 2010

Rise Up, Fellow Soldier

There is power in the blood and victory in the Cross,
So why, Child of God, do you mourn like all is lost?
Take up your mighty sword, the blessed Word of God
And march into the battlefield where other Saints have trod.

When in joyful, singing faith, we do them assail,
The Gates of deepest Hell have no chance to prevail.
Satan’s host may seem so many and so very strong,
Yet, before the toughest battle, we can sing the Victor’s song.

The Captain of the Hosts has already won the fight
And filled the darkness with His Shekinah light!
There is no foe that He has not already overcome.
The spoils are there waiting, so let’s take us some.

The time is short and there is so very much to do.
You cannot imagine what Christ can do in you.
So rise up, my fellow soldier, and quit your looking down!
Look up to Him who shares with you the glorious Victor’s crown.

Sep 23, 1995 RES


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