The Difference

November 8, 2010

The Difference

If there were no God, what would you do
That would be any different or so very new?
You would still need clothes upon your back
And feel hunger, if food you did lack.

It would be cold in the winter and warm in the sun.
You would still work hard and long for rest and fun.
You would hate your enemy and care for your friend
And look for a love that would never end.

Your life would change very little, to say the least,
But you would be no better off, though better than a beast.
You would still have the fear of getting old,
But at death there would be no gates of gold.

There would be nothing, but what you have here
And you would face the grave in despair and fear.
Thanks be to Glory, that there is a God above
With a place beyond the grave and eternal love!

Sep 23, 1994 RES


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