Goes With The Turf

November 26, 2010

“Be not frightened by their upbraiding and slandering; for from the beginning it has been the case that the unbelieving, hate, slander and persecute the believing; the wicked, the good; the unrighteous, the righteous; the carnal, the spiritual; the heretics, the Christians.” – Menno Simons

Why the Western Church believes that it can buddy up with the World and expect to be accepted by it is an amazement. If it is praising you on their media and buying up your books, songs or whatever you are obviously compromising and not contending for the faith once delivered unto the saints as Jude writes.

Jesus Christ came as God in the flesh and declared only one way to forgiveness of sins and ever lasting life. That was not well received and even though He did not cloister Himself and met many social needs such as healing, feeding thousands, healing the sick and raising the dead He was still crucified naked on the Cross. He did not wear the Armani suits of the time or have fast chariots and live in the best home in Jerusalem soliciting and receiving tons of money either in the synagogues or the forums. Yet, they hated Him.

The Apostles lived hand-to-mouth from a human perspective though their needs were supplied. Paul was at times bi-vocational supplementing the income he received from churches other than where he ministered so as not to be seen as a mercenary or fleecing the flock. Yet, he was hated by the World’s government and the very group he once was revered by and excelled beyond all his peers. He died in poverty as did all the rest of the Apostles, save John, through martyrdom. John was exiled to Patmos. None of them lived the good life many false prophets are promoting today.

Many Christians have been martyred and are being martyred since the Day of Pentecost. Menno Simons said once that the true church would also suffer persecution. Paul even said that to suffer for Christ was given to as well as the blessing of believing on Him for salvation. The true Church indeed suffers. It goes with the turf. Blessings are intertwined with sorrows here. Only in Glory will blessings be untangled with sorrow for then we enjoy the fruits of Christ’s labor for eternity. Until then we suffer for His name and His truth.

What has you church suffered for Christ? Indeed, what are suffering for Christ? Does the World love you? James says that to be the friend and lover of the World is to be an adulteress to God and at enmity with Him. Ouch! I believe we all need a reassessment of our life. Love Jesus? Get ready to suffer as it goes with the turf. The true Church is always persecuted and always grows in the persecution. It would appear that the remnant in the Western Church needs revived and it is most likely going to happen during persecution. Even so, come Lord Jesus! Maranatha!


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