From time to time I have run into people that claim to be a Christian and yet hate Jews. I don’t mean cults or any of the hate groups. I am talking about supposedly G-D fearing people who are faith church goers and are open about their faith. Can they really forget that Christ is a Jew? Can they forget that what we call the Old Testament was written by Jews through the inspiration of G-D? Do they forget that nearly all of what we call our NewTestament was written by Jews. There is debate over Luke being a Jew or Gentile and if you hold to him being Jewish then all of our New Testament was written by Jews. Even the Samaritan woman knew that “salvation is of the Jews.” So what is up with the Anti-Semitism aming Christians?

Some of it comes from the preception that the Jews were solely responsible for Christ’s crucifixion. They had no authority to do that as being under the Roman government so while they sent Jesus to Pilate they are not responsible alone for the Cross. Pilate knew Jesus was innocent but to avoid a conflict in his political career he released a murderer and condemned Jesus. So Jews are not the Christ killers, the Roman or Gentile is the one who signed the death warrant. Both sides have sin in the issue because Christ died for all men as all men are sinners.

Remember that Christ prayed for the perpetrators of the act to be forgiven. Why? Because while they were not forced to do the will of G-D they just did what they did naturally from the sinfulness of their hearts just like a room full of wolves would if you threw a lamb in with them. Jesus walked into the world of Jewish and Gentile wolves as a lamb and they did what came naturally, but He let them do it. He said that He lay down His life. No man could have taken it had He not been willing for He could have leveled Jerusalem with 12,000 angels and took out Rome for good measure.

So, technically neither side is a Christ killer. Their role only shows the true heart of all men and it s a heart of evil where now and then a glimmer of the image of G-D shows out through the ruin caused by the Fall. Christ forgave those who were a part of the act. You have no dog in the fight and if you must loathe someone then you have to loathe the whole human race and yourself since YOUR sin as well as mine made the Cross necessary.

Bottom line is how can you love a Saviour who came into the world as a Jew and then hate Jews? It is ludicrous and depraved. A Christian expects to spend a millenium in a Jewish kingdom so why not get a head start on what it will be like and start loving Jews? Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that Shiloh comes for it will mean the fullfilment of our blessed hope.

התפלל שלום ירושלים ועל שילה לבוא! שלום ויאמר היהודית שלי חברים!

What Would You Do?


Texas Ramps Project

January 21, 2011

Went to a meeting last night about this program. It is absolutely great! Check it out!

Texas Ramps


January 16, 2011

The greatest theme is in the Bible is faith or trust since that is really the meaning of faith. God has wanted man to trust Him from the garden until the last day of the Millennium. It is trust Him and nothing else. He has sent His Son to be your savior and the One you trust.

When you doubt – Trust Christ
When you fear – Trust Christ
When you sin – Trust Christ
When you fail – Trust Christ
When you lose a loved one – Trust Christ
When the economy fails – Trust Christ
When persecution comes – Trust Christ
When you lose your joy – Trust Christ
When you hear the enemy’s lies – Trust Christ
When you are near death – Trust Christ
When you need a glimpse of Heaven – Trust Christ
When you are young – Trust Christ
When you are old – Trust Christ
When you are lonely – Trust Christ
When your loved ones turn against you – Trust Christ
When you spouse leave or cheats – Trust Christ
When your faith seems gone – Trust Christ
When you are in the dark – Trust Christ
When you are in sunny times – Trust Christ
When your child runs away – Trust Christ
When your child leaves home on a good note – Trust Christ
When circumstances seem impossible – Trust Christ

The list could go on and on but the bottom line is at all times and in all circumstances, good or bad – Trust Christ  -Unknown-


January 16, 2011

For America to have a true revival we must first face the fact that we have a lot of Churchianity, but very little Christianity. We have plenty of buildings called churches with many of them housing half or less of their capacity. Even fewer people will find in the last day that they are true Christians according to the Bible.

People attend church for many reasons, but a good number are not the right reasons. Challenge yourself. Why do you go to your church? Is it because of friends, family or ethnicity? You grew up there? Grandma is buried in the back? You like the music? You like the dinners? Is it because you know the doctrinal teaching of the church and like the Bereans in the Book of Acts you have studied it and found it to be true? Do you go to hear the Bible preached clearly and accurately so that you can apply it to your life or is the sermon something you endure? Do you change churches every two years because you are bored? Is it because your kids want to go there even if you do not agree with what is being taught? Are there good business contacts there? Is it because you left your last church angry and you cannot find a church you really like so where you are is just a port in the storm. Are you truly saved or go to please a spouse or parent?

Most of the above are not good reasons. Search the Word of God and find out why you should go to church and why where is important. You can drop me a line by email or give me a call if you would like to discuss it. May God grant your wisdom and discernment.

As Long As It Is Black?

January 2, 2011

I read where Henry Ford once said you could have his car in any color you want as long as it was black. Now we have new shades every year or at least new names for some shades. Christianity is supposed to be like the early Fords, for we only have one Book, so our doctrines and such should all be the same. God does not run a buffet nor does He offer a palette of colors in truth.

Phil 3:16 Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing.

For those who think grace is the opposite of rule following or that Christianity can be customized like a Burger King order or a street rod, the Word says otherwise in many places. It is not Outback’s slogan, “No rules, just right.” We are supposed to be of one mind, not many, and that one mind is Christ’s. He has one rule and thought for all issues, for each issue only has one truth.

We must beware of sloppy grace. In reality, God’s house has one rule for all members of the house. One size fits all, if you please, when it comes to truth. In God there is not a shadow of turning for He is all light. His truth only comes in one color like Henry’s cars once did. You can have any doctrine you want as long as it is right and light.

The Church is less unified then it has been since the 1st Century, for every one has a new twist or revelation and starts their own denomination though they call their church non-denominational. Would you give you one of your children a bottle of whiskey, a box of cigars and a box of condoms while telling your other child to not smoke or drink and be chaste? I doubt it. Why do you think God has many different rules or no rules for different kids in His house?

We need to get back to rightly dividing the Word and we will have one Lord, one faith, one baptism and one doctrine. Then and only then will the Church be unified and the witness on earth Jesus meant for us to be. Our division is confusion for us as well as for the unbeliever. Who is the author of confusion? The Word says the author is satan. Jesus came to clear up all the issues that developed by man customizing the Word after the Old Testament was completed. “You have heard it said” was followed by “I say unto you.” Two thousand years later it is time we got away from our man made traditions and doctrines and back to the Word and hear Him say again, “I say unto you” and that you is the whole house of God, not just a few. We are to be Mavericks when it comes to the world, but one brand when it comes to God. Maranatha!

Look Up!

January 1, 2011

If 2010 was not your friend then look to Heaven in 2011!