Are You A “Christian” Anti-Semite?

January 22, 2011

From time to time I have run into people that claim to be a Christian and yet hate Jews. I don’t mean cults or any of the hate groups. I am talking about supposedly G-D fearing people who are faith church goers and are open about their faith. Can they really forget that Christ is a Jew? Can they forget that what we call the Old Testament was written by Jews through the inspiration of G-D? Do they forget that nearly all of what we call our NewTestament was written by Jews. There is debate over Luke being a Jew or Gentile and if you hold to him being Jewish then all of our New Testament was written by Jews. Even the Samaritan woman knew that “salvation is of the Jews.” So what is up with the Anti-Semitism aming Christians?

Some of it comes from the preception that the Jews were solely responsible for Christ’s crucifixion. They had no authority to do that as being under the Roman government so while they sent Jesus to Pilate they are not responsible alone for the Cross. Pilate knew Jesus was innocent but to avoid a conflict in his political career he released a murderer and condemned Jesus. So Jews are not the Christ killers, the Roman or Gentile is the one who signed the death warrant. Both sides have sin in the issue because Christ died for all men as all men are sinners.

Remember that Christ prayed for the perpetrators of the act to be forgiven. Why? Because while they were not forced to do the will of G-D they just did what they did naturally from the sinfulness of their hearts just like a room full of wolves would if you threw a lamb in with them. Jesus walked into the world of Jewish and Gentile wolves as a lamb and they did what came naturally, but He let them do it. He said that He lay down His life. No man could have taken it had He not been willing for He could have leveled Jerusalem with 12,000 angels and took out Rome for good measure.

So, technically neither side is a Christ killer. Their role only shows the true heart of all men and it s a heart of evil where now and then a glimmer of the image of G-D shows out through the ruin caused by the Fall. Christ forgave those who were a part of the act. You have no dog in the fight and if you must loathe someone then you have to loathe the whole human race and yourself since YOUR sin as well as mine made the Cross necessary.

Bottom line is how can you love a Saviour who came into the world as a Jew and then hate Jews? It is ludicrous and depraved. A Christian expects to spend a millenium in a Jewish kingdom so why not get a head start on what it will be like and start loving Jews? Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that Shiloh comes for it will mean the fullfilment of our blessed hope.

התפלל שלום ירושלים ועל שילה לבוא! שלום ויאמר היהודית שלי חברים!

What Would You Do?


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