Proper Definition

March 13, 2011

A good rule of thumb is to take the Bible and define your culture and times not let the culture and times define your Bible. Going the other way has caused so many false prophecies and bad calls on when the world will end and who is going to be the Anti-Christ. It has caused two large schools of theological thought that have been at odds for centuries though neither is correct, but each has part of the truth. Both theologian’s eyes blurred and missed the target for they used their times and culture as the cross hairs, not the Bible alone.

These are emotional times and it is hard to maintain balance. Everyone wants answers, but God gives them in His time, not ours. Maintain sound doctrine and see what the Word says, not what you think it says or what you want it to say and answers will come. The Bible is your standard and dictionary of the universe. Make sure you use proper definitions when looking at it. Maranatha!


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