Rapture Overload?

May 22, 2011

On a forum one person felt like the Rapture was becoming a hotter topic than more fundamental issues and that such things like predicting when it will happen gives more reasons for the enemies of Christ to blaspheme. I understand the point, but you do not stop teaching a doctrine because it is abused by others. You stay balanced and preach the truth until He comes and He is indeed on the way. It could be tonight or 2040, but He will return. The date does not matter if you are saved and ready. If you reject the Gospel then the exact time of the Rapture will not impress you anyway since you don’t believe the Gospel itself.

The Rapture is the blessed hope of the saints, not an evangelistic tool, per se so unless they are grasping the main message they will not grasp the blessing of the Rapture. It will be a casting of pearls before swine.

As to false prophets, there will always be false prophets and mockers. As we get closer to the end, the enemy will set up straw men to cloud the truth and thus give birth to more mockers and deter those from being saved who might have been saved. It is part of his last ditch efforts.

Besides, every GI stationed overseas gets excited about going home and starts his countdown calendar. When he gets to be a one digit midget he starts hollering, “SHORT!!” ,for short timer all over the place. We are also, “SHORT!!” so as we see the day approaching we are bound to get excited, but just as the soldier has to perform his duties until he boards the plane so also we must occupy until He comes.

Therefore, fellow soldier of Christ, do not be ashamed of being a short timer, but occupy and get the salvation message out as it is your duty to do before we dep…!


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