Legalism Or Sloppy Grace

August 7, 2011

Legalism or sloppy grace is what we have in this age. The opposite of legalism is sloppy grace that rejects sound doctrine and the rules of the house in the name of grace and love. It is all subjective and yet truth is objective. Without truth you cannot have grace or love for they are linked like a trinity. There was grace under the law and there are laws/doctrines under grace. While Paul fought legalism, which is adding anything to salvation, he also had to fight those who thought that grace means anything goes since we are free from the Law.

Balance is the key. There is only one truth in all areas and since the Holy Spirit was sent to lead us into all truth then we should all be saying the same thing and being in one accord on all issues of faith and practice. That we have divisions only proves what Paul said that they were needed so that the approved would stand out. It is also easy to see that we are in an age of apostasy that was prophesied to come before the return of Christ.