A Great Day Coming

November 8, 2012

While I went to bed election night discouraged and woke up a couple of times during the night, I kept reminding myself that God is still on the throne. Then this morning I woke up with just a bit of a song running through my head that I could not shake. I recognized it though I had not sung it in some time but could not remember any more lyrics other than “There’s A Great Day Coming.” On the way to work I contemplated that phrase and thought about the possibilities of what that might mean to me in this situation.

I started to get pumped up when I thought about the Rapture and such since that will be a great day coming and possibly very soon so maybe God was offering me this song as a comfort. Then I started thinking about the church (it is a thirty plus mile drive to work so I have plenty of time to think) especially after the radio preacher starting talking about revival. I really got pumped when I saw that there very well could be a great day coming for the church to have revival.

We are now in a place where we have to actually trust God instead of politics. Yes, it has come to that. That the culture is becoming hostile to the faith is a good sign! The Church always grows stronger and faster in adversity rather than prosperity. We have been too comfortable and God is moving us out of our comfort zone and this should cause us to focus our priorities on the things that are eternal as we were always meant to be focused. I am excited as to the possibilities to minister in this climate that will make us more dependent upon the Spirit’s power than political or financial power. We can maybe concentrate on the mission, message and the masses and not the mansions and moguls.

When I got the chance I looked up the song to get the rest of the lyrics. It was quite an eye opener for while my thoughts were not completely off there are other connotations of the word great and indeed it is a great day, but not necessarily a wonderful day much like while I am sure the Great White Throne is quite grand or great in quality and architecture it will not be great for those who appear upon it any more than the BEMA will be for the believer. Are you ready for the judgment day brought other thoughts that even more affirmed the need to get back to 1st Century Christianity and dump the silliness of the 21st Century. People need to be pulled as firebrands from the fire by people who have a fire up under them and a fire burning within them so that they will be ready for that great day. Since judgment starts with the house of God, we may see some hard times as God refines His people with fire to burn off the chaff and trappings of this world so we can be those people on fire for Him. It is a great day to seek to be like Wesley when he responded to the question of how he drew a crowd by saying, “I set myself on fire and people come and watch me burn.” May we all set ourselves on fire because of that great day is coming and we want it to be great in a positive way for us as well as for as many others who also need to be ready. Maranatha!



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