Are You An Impact Or Impacted?

February 20, 2013

Radio preacher asked the question “If you were to die, outside of your immediate family would your influence be missed?” Hmm, rough question. I suppose I would have to honestly say no as I am not famous. Some of my co-workers would miss my humor and some would not, but I would be quickly and easily replaced and soon forgotten. 😉 Some folks in my church would miss me and some of my former church members would miss me for awhile, but life would go on. You wouldn’t see my funeral on TV. It would just be a burp in the local news.

I could be surprised when I get to glory and find I have had a greater impact then I know, but I wonder whether it would be a positive or negative one. Not being perfect, and far from it, more people may have seen me or heard me in my worst moments than in my best. Will my life have caused some folks to be saved and follow Christ or turn away from salvation or give up their walk/ministry?

Scary thought this is and by God’s grace I hope I have some time to maybe move the scale to the positive side. To think someone may have gone or will go to Hell because of my testimony or rather lack of one is a horrible thought. Yes, they had free will, but I may have been a stumbling block on which they fell instead of a helping hand leading them the the Cross. Deep thoughts they are. How about you? What impact for God have you made or have you been a stumbling block or sitting on the bench waiting for the Glory bound train


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