March 14, 2013

In WWII, Gen. Anthony Clement McAuliffe replied, “Nuts” to a German request for his surrender.  While the Germans tried to decipher what that meant, the weather changed and reinforcements arrived to change the situation from surrender and defeat to victory.

Many times a saint in God’s army may feel like he suffers more from friendly fire than darts from the enemy.  He tries to exercise his gifts or seek to serve as he has been called to do, but the deacons, pulpit committees, mission boards, etc, etc. tell him to surrender because he is too young, too old, too fat, too bold, not bold enough, too deep, too shallow, undereducated, over educated or not educated by the right people, too separated, not separated enough, too much facial hair or not enough hair on his head and what he has is gray, wears glasses, wife doesn’t play the piano or whatever.  The list of issues that are nowhere near the biblical requirements for service make the book of Isaiah look like Obadiah in length comparison.

It gets a bit crazy.  Many lose hope and give up feeling rejected by God as well as men when it is not true.  I know for I have heard most of those things above and have come mighty close to quitting several times.  Yet, God has often allowed me to do guerrilla warfare and serve in places and positions that others did not want or never felt I was qualified to do.  I am thankful that God did not allow me to quit.  As His grace allows me to breathe I pray I never shall quit even if all I can do one day is pray I hope to be in some part of the battle until I am mustered out at death.

So, my dear brother or sister, if the established church says that you should surrender because of some man-made balderdash that in no way can be found in Scripture then tell them, “NUTS!”  God will make the changes needed to bring you to victory!   Maranatha!!

If you really wish to minister and exercise your gift there are ways to get it done.  There may be no pay, position, honor or title in it, but the opportunities abound.  There are more than enough lost. hurting, lonely, screwed up people to minister to where the only sanction you need is from God and the empowerment of His Spirit and the dynamite of His Gospel.

I am not saying that you have to start a new church or group.  Just do what you do and send the fruit back to your church and let them see that the person they discounted may well indeed be no prophet or a son of a prophet, but God can use pickers of sycomore fruit as much, and many more so than the folks with all the requirements and pedigrees man may seek.

God saved you and gifted you because He wants you to use that gift because someone out there needs to see you and your gift in action so that they might be saved or restored.  Do not let the pride and foolishness of men deter you.  If you are preaching a false gospel you better back up and get right, but if your calling is of God and your doctrine sound then you are not surrounded by friend or foe. You just have more opportunities to advance and say, “Nuts”


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