No Silver Bullet

March 25, 2013

The core problem is that we live in a culture that is looking for the innovative versus the inspired. We want excitement more than exegesis. Give us 10 easy steps to holiness or the 1 Minute Disciple and we are into it. Gather up a bunch of ideas that have been preached for years by many men and package it as new and you have the purpose driven craze. Take a simple prayer and mold it into an evangelical rosary and you can sell millions of books to people who are looking for the thirty day silver bullet to their problems.

Yet, human nature has not changed since the Fall and if I could have access to every sermon preached or book written over the last two thousand years I would probably find as you would similar books as I have mentioned and similar attitudes among men. Our problem is sin and the solution is salvation and discipleship. Salvation is instant but discipleship is until death or Rapture. When the bulk of Christians finally accept that and quit seeking after quick fixes we may again see the power of the early church. Albeit, since we are in an age of apostasy and quite likely in the last days before the Rapture I don’t foresee another Great Awakening, but I can pray for one. Maranatha!


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