Sound Or Sallow?

March 25, 2013

Rewriting or ignoring sound doctrine does not achieve the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians. They come about because we are knowledgeable of and obedient to sound doctrine. This is why I have felt called as a polemicist rather than an apologist. If the Church is not sound in doctrine or sound but disobedient they cannot have the proper relationship with Christ that can boldly deliver a powerful apologetic that will put to silence the naysayers, put fear in the rebellious and bring in the lost sheep with love. That is why we are truly so ineffective in fighting the culture war. We want to join them, appeal to them, and above all else never offend them. That kind of watered down apologetic and Gospel will not bring in a true harvest. It is sickly seed sown in shallow ground and it will bring about a sallow crop of baptism soaked sinners that are tares for the most part and sickly saints at best.


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