Cleburne Pregnancy Center

April 11, 2013

Tonight they celebrated their 25th anniversary and we heard Abby Johnson speak.  Abby was a director of a Planned Parenthood clinic and won employee of the year until God put her in a situation that changed her life.  Awesome testimony.

Brethren, are we doing enough to withstand the evil called abortion?  Hitler only killed 6 million.  Stalin killed 20 million.  Mao killed 60 million.  We are closing in on Mao with 56 million thus far.   We decry the murder of innocents under those three tyrants and others like the Khmer Rouge, but we tolerate killing fields that look like nice sterile clinics that call the victims of the slaughter POCs or Products of Conception, instead of babies.   We only lost about 1.5 million in all of our wars. This is America’s holocaust and our apathy must stop if we are going to see the end of this!  I am proud to say that we have fourteen less clinics due to defunding of Planned Parenthood by this great state of Texas!  Time for the others to follow our lead!

We must vote pro-life.  We must practice pro-life.  God is pro-life.  The god of pro-choice is not the God of the Bible.  Christians who support abortion will answer at the Bema if they are truly Christians and at the Great White Throne if they are not true Christians for this heinous sin.  56 million and counting will rise up as witnesses against them.

That being said there is forgiveness such as Abby and others have found when people turn to Christ to receive that forgiveness.  If you have been a part of this sin then confess it and receive healing!

This is not just a Christian thing.  I was against abortion and wrote the President when it was first legalized two years before I became a Christian.  Even then I knew a baby was a baby, not just a mass of cells or a parasitic growth.   When you use the reproductive system you should be expecting a baby to be the result if all systems are functioning within standard parameters even if you tried to thwart it.  That is what it was designed for and that is what it will do.  Your choice ended when you chose to engage the system.  You gambled and lost.  Give the child up for adoption.  Blame yourself and adjust your life.  Do not blame the child and end its life.

I will not buy any more Girl Scout cookies, support the March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen or any other group that is involved with Planned Parenthood.

God help us!  Albeit, He most likely will  not as He has said that He will not hold them guiltless that shed innocent blood.  We are in more trouble than we can imagine as a nation.  Even so, come Lord Jesus! Maranatha!
Abby Johnson – Send her some kudos!

Cleburne Pregnancy Center – Support them if you can!

Margaret Sanger – founder of Planned Parenthood’s quotes


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