Chase The Moon

May 17, 2013


Dahlin’, some men will promise you the moon,

Though they have no chance of getting it soon.

Sweetheart, with me, that is not the case

Because I know part of romance is the chase.


Come chase the moon with me and watch it glow.

Pale moonlight makes a true love grow.

Don’t know when we’ll catch it or if we ever will.

The chase with you would be such a thrill.


It makes lonely coyotes howl and women swoon.

The tides make their move and young men croon.

In the silver moonlight, love cannot hide.

My love flows free with you by my side.


That old moon just hangs up there above.

It really doesn’t know anything about love.

I did not either until I met you.

Now my heart is yours till this life is through.


Come chase the moon with me, who knows what we will find.

We can follow our dreams and leave sorrow behind.

One thing is for sure, though it may brightly shine,

It will never outshine your love and mine.


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