Cowboy Up!

May 17, 2013

Be very careful what you say or do

Or some committee will be coming after you.

I’m tired of folks whining like a hungry pup.

Come on America, it’s time to Cowboy Up!


Our ancestors came to a rough, untamed land

And faced their hardships like a woman and a man.

We once matured into gentlemen and ladies.

Now, we’re raising spoiled, crying babies.


When times got rough, we took it on the chin.

Now, we want some to blame and a lawyer who can win.

Groups abound so we are quickly defended

When we lack back bone and are so easily offended!


When a rider’s been thrown and he starts to feel down.

His pardners say, “Cowboy Up!” to bring him back around.

There’s too many lazy folks rattlin’ their cup.

Come on, America, it’s time to Cowboy Up!


We surely have our problems and we so easily sin,

But nothing will change, unless we all chip in.

One day there will be no table at which you can sup

Unless Americans quit their cryin’ and COWBOY UP!

Oct 1, 1994


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