Forever Young

May 17, 2013

Looking out from weary, aged eyes

Into a mirror to the soul that never dies.

He analyzes the face so haggard and mean

With the awed curiosity of the internal teen.

He gazes at the pate so shiny and bare

And remembers the locks that once flowed there.

There is a macabre toothless grin

Where once perfect pearly whites had been.

The back and muscles that many a burden did take

Now are bowed and weakly quiver and shake.

Inside the spirit, so vibrant and free,

Screams, “Oh my God, can this really be me?”

He hangs his head and fights back the tears

Then laughs at the cruelty of the passing years.

He remembers the women he loved and the songs he sung.

Though eighty years old, in his mind he’s forever young.


One Response to “Forever Young”

  1. gdalexander Says:

    Riveting poem! This one really speaks to me. Thanks for sharing. I have followed this blog and will return to read more, for sure.

    I have a writing blog that I started after self-publishing. Please check it out and share your writing experiences with me!

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