West Texas Heaven

May 17, 2013

I found the peace that I was needin’
In the West Texas town called Eden.
A little further down the road in old San Angelo,
The views prepared me for that heavenly glow.

God loves Texas and tucks it in bed at night
With a soft blanket of clouds.  Oh, what a sight!
I’ve got wide open spaces where I can roam
Just like the vastness of that eternal home.

Texas must be a lot like glory
Where I’ll be singin’ the old, old story.
Where God finger paints in the big blue sky
And the soul passes over never more to die.

A man can settle down in a place like Ranger.
Away from the big city noise and danger.
There’s no way a man can be more free
Except for when he kneels at Calvary.

Sinner, friend you may never ride the plains with me,
But turn and gaze right now upon that old rugged tree.
Call upon Jesus to save you then you’ll know
Heaven’s where you’ll land when thrown from life’s rodeo.



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