Diamonds and Stones

May 18, 2013

Some days are diamonds, others are stones.

One day you eat steak, the next you chew on old bones.

When I feel down and just about to fall,

Darlin’ that’s when you come and give me your all.

Stone days make my old back ache,

But your diamond nights stir me awake.

Stone days leave me weak as a wounded dove.

I regain my strength from your diamond love.

No diamond is as sharp as your mind.

Baby, I’m blessed that you are mine.

No diamond is as pure as your soul.

You took this shattered stone and made me whole.

Even though some days are a heavy stone.

Honey, I know you’ll never leave me alone.

Diamonds are forever and so is our love.

We’ll still be sparkling in Heaven above.

Alternate first and last verses as the fade out.


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