Look and Live

May 18, 2013

You laugh and mock and fail to see

That Jesus the Saviour can set you free.

I know who has caused your life to be so dark

And has given you such a stone cold heart!

I know you cannot see sin’s heavy chain

And what has caused you so much pain.

Satan has blinded your heart and mind

So you cannot feel Christ’s love Divine!

Brother, I have been there and I know

How sin and shame can bring you low.

I have felt the weight of the shackles of sin

And know that alone you will never win!

I stand before you with tear filled eyes

And mourn as in sin each of you dies!

The Lord knows my heart full well

That, I would gladly take your place in Hell!

Praise God that none of us need be there,

If, we submit to Christ’s sweet care!

Confess your sins and then repent!

Accept the Saviour God has sent!

Our sins from our record He will negate,

Then, we will be allowed past Heaven’s gate!

Our works would only lead us to Hell!

Accept the gift that will make you well!

Take God’s gift of love, it is free!

It will open your eyes that you may see

That only through Faith by Grace

Will any be saved from this sinful race!


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