Pre-Rapture Meditations

May 18, 2013

The day is growing quickly near,

When I will leave this earth so drear.

I will be engulfed completely by His sweet love

In that glorious home somewhere above.

For twenty two dismal years His love and law, I spurned

Then my Lord Jesus saved me from the Hell, I had earned.

I could not love Him or look Him in the face

If not for His blood and matchless grace.

I search my flesh and in it find no speck of good

But, I know He saved me because He said He would.

Any righteousness I may have is not really mine,

It is the life that comes from the Everlasting Vine.

My finite mind cannot begin to comprehend

A love for me that is without end.

No one could even begin His portrait to draw

For in comparison to His glory it would be a childish scrawl.

I am only a sinner saved by grace.

Look not to me, as I still run the race.

Rather look to Jesus Christ instead

For it is He who has risen from the dead.

I still trip, stumble and fall.

Only He is conqueror over all.

He has elected me because I believed

And from my burden of sin I am relieved.

He is coming soon to receive His own unto Himself

And take His judgment vials from off the shelf.

He will pour out His wrath on all Mankind

Because, they desired to be spiritually blind.

You can escape this dreadful curse

And the sentence to Hell, which is far worse.

Believe in your heart that Jesus is the Saviour God sent.

Ask Him to save you; confess and repent.

It is easy to be saved, so do it today.

To enter Heaven, Christ is the only way.

Tomorrow He may take us in the wink of an eye

And, I will be gone before you say “Good-


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