Back To School?

May 19, 2013

 I could not wait to get out of school.

Didn’t care if I was a scholar or a fool.

Life can definitely some mind games play.

I applied to be a substitute teacher today.

What if I get a kid that reminds me of me?

Will I be able to inspire him/her above a C?

At least these times are much more kind.

I won’t be breaking paddles over his/her behind.

My school never thought at much I’d rate.

I only made my teachers and principal irate.

They want to sweep me out like trash with a broom.

Soon I may stand as a teacher in a classroom.

Forty years after I left town with great glee

What would they think if now they could see

The kid they wanted to see in reform school

Standing as a teacher and back in school?


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