Photo Album

May 19, 2013

I’ve got an eighteen hole picture frame.

None of the photos show any pain or shame.

Looking there at my first forty years,

You’d think I never shed any tears.

On the walls only good memories you will find.

We keep the bad pictures in our mind.

We have all the albums we can get.

We hope they will help us to forget.

Yet while we gaze at those winning smiles,

In our minds we remember the long, hard miles.

For every victory that was so sweet,

We remember the bitter tears of defeat.

Verse 2

So we hang those pictures of bygone years

And wipe the glass with our kisses and tears.

We’re mounting hopes that we are on the way

To a better, brighter, clearer day.

Remember the Heaven and remember the Hell.

Take some more pictures all is well.

Thanks to technology, they’ll never be able to trace

The tracks of pain on your weary face.

Verse 2


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