So Much For A Plan

May 19, 2013

Took the truck for a quick brake check.

That’s when my day turned into a wreck.

It wasn’t the brakes that caused my alarm.

It turned out to be a broken right idler arm.

I turned it over to the mechanic’s powers

Then tried to figure out how to kill 4½ hours.

Stuck in a neighborhood with nothing to do

I figured I’d write out a verse or two.

I dropped into Peggy Sue’s Diner.

In the area the cuisine is no finer.

I hid in a corner to escape the smoke

Though my lungs probably thought that was a joke.

The service was good and the prices fair.

Now and then I would receive a slight stare.

My fellow customers saw that I had finished my bite

And maybe worried about what I did write.

They needed not to worry about what flowed from my hand.

It was just my way of saying, “So much for a plan!”

Sigh, a smoker just sat one table away.

Guess I’ll find another spot to waste my day.


12 Responses to “So Much For A Plan”

  1. Your emails are really starting to bother me. They are making me take up much more time to read them because I end up wanting to. Keep sending them. I may not enjoy them but God will help me to as well as being more understanding. Amen.

  2. Loved your poem about smoking. That has ceased in all Carolina restaurants, thank God for his His great assistance and support. Now I have to read the rest of your emails.

    • Old Sarge Says:

      I went to a funeral of a fellow in NC who argued it was his right under grace to smoke. I wondered as I passed by his young son and pretty wife if it was worth the right versus the pain he caused them.

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