Texas Eagle

May 19, 2013

The Texas Eagle rolls through the heartland

And I hold my sleepin’ Dahlin’s hand.

My favorite country singer is fillin’ up my ears

While I reflect on my life’s smiles and tears.

Tellin’ my neighbors some of my life’s tales

Helps to pass the hours ridin’ these steel rails.

Passing by those dormant fields of wheat,

I can hear America’s steady heart beat.


It’s the folks in these old small towns

And not the high falutin’ Wall Street clowns

That made this country when it was great.

And they’ll do it again, you just wait.

You can keep your big city wit and charm.

Put me back down home on the farm.

I’d be with folks who are just what you see

Watchin’ the Texas Eagle roll by and proud to be free.


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