Where Will You Be?

May 19, 2013

When the clouds burst open where will you be?

Will there be joy in your heart when Jesus you see?

Will you be running to hide from His face

Or standing there with your head hanging in disgrace/

It surely is coming and the time is near at hand

When Jesus comes to take his children to the promised land.

You played long enough saying one day I’ll get saved.

The road to Hell by good intentions has been well paved.

Yes, I saw Jesus breaking through the sky

And I thanked God that by His grace I’ll never die!

In a grave one day they might put this old shell,

But I’ll be at the throne praising the one who saved me from Hell.

Even so, come Lord Jesus, old Brother John did say.

Are you really looking forward to that resurrection day?

Do you dread the day He comes down from above

Because for you, it won’t be filled with peace and love?

When the Grim Reaper comes with his mighty plow

Will you value the things that you value now?

It’s time to stop your silly song and dance.

Call on Him to be saved while there’s still a chance!


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