Why Rhyme?

May 19, 2013

Some ask me why I rhyme

My original verse all the time,

When there are many critics out there

That disdain such literary ware.

Guess it is because I am a common man

And so, I write with a common hand.

I write for those plain folks down home

That if there were no rhyme would see no poem.

Some write poetry esoteric and dark

And care not where on the page words park.

They do what they do and that is fine.

I can only write in a style that’s mine.

Many poets that stood the test of time

Wrote in iambic pentameter and rhyme.

In our time, this is considered conventional or lyrical.

Of course, this is subjective and not empirical.

I’d rather not argue over styles.

Such undue stress can cause you piles.

I’d much rather take the time

To compose some pithy verse in rhyme.


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