Young Gun

May 19, 2013

I know you think you’re mighty tough, Son.

I’ve watched how you twirl that old six gun.

Just be real careful or it won’t be very long

‘Til the Navajos are singin’ your death song.

You say I’m yellow and I don’t understand

How you’re the fastest draw in the land.

You’re lookin’ for a fight and I know you will

Be endin’ up in a plot on Boot Hill.

I’ve been in a quite a few showers of hot lead.

I quit countin’ the men that I have shot dead.

I made children orphans and widows cry

‘Til I longed for the day I would die.

You say, ain’t that a shame and it’s just so sad,

But it’s 1860 and times sure are bad.

I’ll see you on Boot Hill; I’ve got time to wait

Since that Lawman laid me low in ’58.


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