If Blessed, Will You Bless?

February 28, 2015

Those who know me are aware that most of ministry for the last forty years has been free of charge. I do not ever ask for personal donations. God has more than supplied my needs over the years as well as giving me a wonderful wife that is frugal and financially adept.

I do ask that if anything I have written or done has blessed your life to please consider sending Moises Rocacorba a donation. He needs some property because the church God gave him is growing out of its current facilities. Land is hard to find and expensive by Philippine standards. What we would consider a dream price is not such a dream there. He needs $10K for a piece of land. For us, we might have to pay much more for the same size lot.

What impressed me about him when met was that he was happy to receive $10 a month support. He is a very humble man doing a great work. He would appreciate anything. Out of his support, he supports other pastors and missionaries that are building churches and winning souls in that country.  He has a school as well as other ministries. He is worthy.

He once told me that the Philippinos are appreciative of the American military, missionaries and McDonalds. 😉 I told him that last M was not a true benefit to his people. We could have done better.

Again, if I have been a blessing in any way please consider a donation no matter how small. Thank you and may God bless you for your kindness.

Send your donation to

Independent Baptist Missions For Asians
Acct – Moises Rocacorba
103 Masonic Park Rd/PO Box 912
Marietta, OH 45750

They can give you a tax receipt.


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