Pro 27:2 Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.

In a world where one must have a resume that glistens like gold this becomes very difficult to follow be it in a secular or ministry career. If you are seeking to be real in some places you have no hope of an interview as they like gaudy or showy resumes while other like bare bones.  If you have been around for awhile even your bare bones will look like a Brontosaurus display.

Indeed, the more articles you read on resumes and interviews the more clueless you become. I am a WYSIWYG kind of guy. I don’t do gimmicks or mind games. Things that to me are just part of the J O B really excite some people.  Some are more interested in your social skills than technical knowledge.  Having had at least three jobs where in the interview I felt like I was in a different career field or realized I was being hired for issues not even in the job description I can testify that is true.

Sometimes it really doesn’t matter what is on your resume because the job is already meant for someone else, but they have to go through the motions so that it does not look like pre-selection.  I once applied for a position where the interviewer passed over four more highly qualified people to get to the person the job had been promised to before the slot was even created.  Good ol’ boy and girl scenarios still exist.

My best advice is just be yourself in your resume and interview.  As one of my professors told me, “Never over promise and under perform.”  Trying to be more than you are might get you the job, but that promise of performance will not keep it for you.  They will want the performance.

Keep your style as your style is not and should not be the same as anyone else.  If you are like everyone else you will not stand out.  Someone out there will love your style and if you are trying to be someone else you will miss your moment.   

Be polite, respectful, but real.  Let your references speak your praises more loudly than you do.  There is still a place in an exaggerated world for humility.  It may be “hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way”, but you’re not perfect. Dents in your shiny armor show you have been in the battle and survived and not just out of boot camp.  Trying to hide them out of some sort of pride issue is worse than humbly admitting they exist.  Be confident about your abilities and achievements, but not prideful.  Solomon’s exhortation is still good to follow and can b