The Created Create

August 11, 2015

Human nature itself proves we came from a Creator/Designer because every generation strives to create things and redesign old things. We even design nonsensical things because we need to create.  We landscape to create a new atmosphere where we saw barrenness or just wanted something new.  That is Genesis 1:2 being played out in us as having been created in the likeness of the Creator.  We have created more things in the last hundred years than we ever thought possible while conquering the air, the deep sea and sticking our noses into outer space.

What have our so called nearest cousins created in millennia?  Absolutely nothing because they are created by the same Creator, but like not like we were.  To believe in random chance as the source of all we see is deny what is ingrained in our DNA by the Creator of the DNA.  When we study DNA we are Divine Nature Analysis whether we believe it or not.


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