Bunny Benefit

October 2, 2015

I am grateful for the rabbit in my yard.  He doesn’t know if I an going to hurt him or not.  H just sits there calmly, yet alert.  My wife puts out food for him from time to time, yet he mostly finds his own food.

It is good to see one of God’s feeble creatures to remind me of how feeble I am compared to God.  The bunny does nothing really to enhance my life, except to be himself. Being himself brings me peace and some joy as I watch him.In many ways, I am of no real benefit to God.  After all He is totally self-sufficient needing nothing or anybody. He desires my love and fellowship, but as I do not force myself on the bunny neither does He force Himself on me.  At times He watches me from afar, as I do the bunny, lest there is fear and running away.

One day, the bunny may feel secure enough to come closer to me on his own.  I can only entice him with food and move slowly.  God has to work with some people like that as well.  I would love for the bunny to let me hold him and feed him. God wants that for man as well.  The bunny may never do as I wish and that is sad.  God is also sad when people do not come to Him in trust.  After all, He has done so much to prove His love and earn their trust.

The bunny doesn’t know I am writing about him or my thoughts of him,  Sadly, many people do not know God’s thoughts of them or that He wrote the Bible with them in mind. Sometimes, many times, I forget that.  I can only imagine how many times He has had to watch me from afar because He knows if He approached me too quickly I would run away from Him rather than towards Him. Thus He waits as He feeds me, defends me, provides for me a home, a family and all the other gifts of grace.

Indeed, the bunny has just come closer to me, but will he stay if I move towards him?  Unlikely.  At times, we venture towards God, yet are ready to run at the slightest thing that He does that we do not understand or anticipate.  As I am patient and letting the bunny work out his trust issues so God, who is far more patient than me, waits in love for me to work out my trust issues.  I may never hold the bunny.  God, however, holds me in His heart and even in His everlasting arms.  I just don’t always believe it, so to me I am distant from Him and His arms.  Thankfully, His Spirit can hold me without the flesh knowing it.

One day, when I fully collapse into His arms thinking that I just arrived there I will realize that I was there all the time. All my perceptions of distance were because of my mind perceived circumstances, fear and sins as distance.  Had my heart trusted Him rather than what my mind was muddled with I would have realized that you cannot be far from an omnipresent God.  Duh!

When I learn to fully embrace His embrace my dreams and His desires will come to fruition. It is good that He is holding me even when I am not holding Him.  Thank you Lord for bunnies and your patient love! Glory!  Maranatha!!


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