Don’t Refuse A Hug!

October 4, 2015

Have you ever tried to hug someone that you knew needed a hug, but they would not let you or struggled to get away quickly or just would not rest in the hug so they did not receive the comfort or the blessing that was intended?  It took awhile for me to get comfortable in hugging churches because it was not in my upbringing.  Church was rather formal and a shouted Amen might have caused a 911 call if it had existed so a hug might have just been like a lightning strike and sudden death.  So it was hard to get used to and then when the ladies started with the kisses on the cheek it was another major adjustment even though it was usually older ladies with a motherly peck or younger ones with an brother/uncle one.  It was still well out of my normal functioning parameters.  Such signs of affection are often absent even among family members let alone among church folks.

Many times that is how we treat God.  He reaches out hug us and we refuse to let Him.  We may let Him put His arms around us, but we struggle to get away quickly when comfort comes by lingering in those arms.  It is like my Pentecostal friends who say Baptists leave church before the Holy Spirit shows up because we best end at noon if we are going to get to Luby’s on time.  We may stay quiet in His arms for a bit and yet our fears, guilt or lack of trust keep us from getting what He wants to give us and we need to receive.

Lord Jesus, may we submit to your hugs collapsing in tears and weakness resting there until the blessing takes complete hold of our hearts turning our tears of sorrow or despair into tears of joy that run down our face in a torrent like Gorman Falls.

Thank You for loving us and reaching out to our needs when we fail You so greatly because our faith is so small and our will is weak.  You are love. You are truth.  Let us see one arm as love and the other as truth when You hug us. It is in Your arms where the lies of this world will be silenced and all hate replaced .  Glory and honor to You, O Triune God, that was, is and is to come!  Maranatha!  Maranatha!!


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