Proper Flying of the Texas Flag

January 27, 2016

While I was Ft Jack, a friend and I walked by the display of all 50 state flags and noticed that the TN flag was upside down. Unless you are from TN or have a good friend from there as I do you might not notice it. We informed someone of the error and they corrected it.

From time to time, I have seen the TX flag upside down as well. Someone may have been in a hurry or half asleep or maybe it is a newcomer who has come to love TX and just got a bit confused.

A flag flown upside down is a sign of distress and TX is doin’ mighty fine so we don’t want to send a wrong signal.

I explained to one person how to remember the right way to fly a TX flag. Remember the red as the blood of the saints falling to the ground as their soul soars through the white clouds on their way to glory. That will keep it in the right position. The blue and the star, you might ask? I am glad you asked. The blue represents their fidelity to the bright and shining morning star, Jesus Christ. Rev 22:16

Y’all do it right now, heah?


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