Privatize The VA

June 30, 2016

My military brethren are wrong to fight privatization of the VA. It is the only way to get the best care. The hospitals should be shut down and the VA made into a PPO.

In 1930, when there were very few hospitals, let alone one equipped for the wounds of war, the VA was a great idea. Now, with awesome hospitals everywhere and the advantages of technology the VA is an obsolete redundancy replete with problems that are harming my brethren and killing some.

The private sector can procure the best personnel and can remove inefficient or incompetent personnel much quicker than the VA. They also have no rules for when they can buy equipment. Rules to protect people from losing their job due to an administration change also protect the ones who learn how to do bare minimum and play the VA game.

The money saved in infrastructure costs, salaries, etc could be used to provide better care at a local facility. Less problems in many ways. I have personal experience with system and I have helped others or tried to help others that were not treated the same way they would be at a private hospital. I believe the private sector will give my brethren more respect.

Give the system up. Go to one that works. Take the private sector and thrive.


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