You Called Me Racist?

December 11, 2016

My best buddy at 9 was from the only Black family in town that lived across the creek from me. He ate at my house and I ate at his. I was bullied by White kids and teachers.

I had a heavy crush on my Black French teacher.

I volunteered to be om the Equal Opportunity and Treatment team in the USAF.

One of my best friends was Black man who was threatened and beaten by other Blacks for being my friend.

At one point, I had been around so many Blacks that I picked up phrases and mannerisms to where I was called an inverted Oreo.

My best supervisors in the military were Black.

When no else was going to do a going away party I made a plaque for my Black supervisor.

I wrote an ode to one of my Black supervisors.

I have great respect for Asians after doing a tour in Thailand.

I went to an all Black VFW in Hattiesburg, MS and learned a dance and was invited back.

At one church I got along better with the minority members than with the White ones.

I preached for several weeks at a Black church in Dallas while they were looking for a pastor as well as in other Black churches in SC and TX.

My ministry friends when I pastored in La Grange, TX were Black pastors.

My two best post-military supervisors were women.

I have spoken from the pulpit of the oldest Black church in TX and the pastor asked me to sit on the ordination council of his son, but I moved before that happened.

My best friends at the VA were a Mexican and a Black man that I helped get into my section to work with me.

I had a Black lady call me her son and pray for me and I mentioned her as my mother in a sermon.

I have spoken at a Latino church.

I have been called the “Jew who calls himself a Christian” by a White Supremacist.

I have had a Jewish man tell me I reminded him of a Rabbi, which I took as a high honor.

I shut down a man who claimed to be a KKK member when he was talking insanely at work.

I have preached in jails and a rescue mission where I hugged and prayed for many a Black man.

I have served on the board of a food bank and worked in the bank preparing and handing out groceries.

I am now helping at a soup kitchen where we serve all flavors of people.

I am associated with a ministry that works with homeless and low income women doing various things for them.

I have ministered to a dying gay man and his significant other.

When no one else would help a gay man at work change his flat tire because he was too ill to do so, I did it gladly and prayed for him.

I have worked with many gays that I treated with nothing but respect.

I had three gays defend me against a man trying to stir up strife when I preached to them in jail and one wanted to come to church with me when he was released . I told him he was more than welcome to come.

Someone was picking on a Black lady at work and I put my arm around and said to stop picking on my friend. She said I was the first White man to hug her.

I have ministered to a hermaphrodite with both sets functionally in transition to being strictly a female so despite the fact there was a heavy five o’clock shadow I used the term sister.

My current physician is Nigerian.

I take my car to be inspected at a station owned by a Muslim.

I am a Republican. I know. I am a horrible person.

2 Responses to “You Called Me Racist?”

  1. Jeff Says:

    A person’s actions and character will speak for him. That person may claim to be many things and often try to hide the negative qualities of his character but the people around him will eventually see or feel the true nature of his character.

    A person of good moral character does not have to campaign to others to get personal recognition for having those qualities.

    • Old Sarge Says:

      This is true, but there are times when you have to put things out in the open when people accuse generically or unfairly without knowing you because they have a wrong perspective of the one thing they do know.

      When I first got on the Internet in the 90’s and got into a discussion I would be asked where I was. As soon as I said, Texas, I was lambasted with slurs as inbred, redneck, racist and the like.

      What they did not know was what I posted here or that I was raised in PA. They took their prejudiced view of Southerners and TX and dumped it on me.

      To mess them up. I put my degrees behind my name and made up a couple. The first time I sent out a message with them I got a response form a Church of Christ preacher from W VA with a verse in large font on pride. He asked if I realized that the letters behind my name were longer than my name. I explained the issue and what others meant and my intent. He apologized for jumping in my case without knowledge.

      As long as I left those letters on my messages no one ever insulted me even when they learned I was in TX. I suspect they did not ever ask me about letters because they did not want admit they did not know what they meant.

      At one job, people used to leave messages on my phones screaming and cussing about their problem. The job got excited about degrees and certification and wanted them on our name tags and such. I was in an IT job and my degrees are in ministry but they wanted me to use them so I used Dr on my voicemail. People stopped the cussing and were courteous on my voicemail. I did not change, on their perception.

      I am not campaigning. The bottom line was I am not all the things they lay on Conservatives and Republicans.

      Have a great day and thanks for the feedback.

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