Truth Is Not Your Enemy!

May 15, 2017

Galatians 4:16  Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

I have asked a similar question to many folks over the years. When they find out I am a preacher, they will often ask me questions and then get mad when I answer because it is not the one they wanted.

Even in college, the lads would compliment me on how fast I took a test and got an A.  Then we would discuss an issue or verse and suddenly I was not as smart in their eyes if I disagreed with their position.

I was especially under a bit of stress when the Sunday Night Bible Study group I was leading wanted to discuss women especially since the question was “why does the Bible have such a low view of women?”.   That is when I started writing out my sermons.  As an Assistant Pastor, I knew someone might disagree with something and speak ill of me to the Pastor.  Thus, I wanted black and white evidence that I handed out to all of my students.

That had already happened once when I taught Hosea at another church and a young lady took offense to something I said because her preacher Daddy taught a different view.  she did run to the Assistant Pastor and came close to accusing me of heresy. Fortunately, he was not of the same opinion as her Daddy so I lived to teach another day, but she was very upset.

I also survived the series on women and those lessons became the basis for my first book.  Still, it is interesting how people react to something different.

I know too many people who quote some teacher and have his teachings in a mental red book like the Chinese have a literal red book by Chairman Mao that they memorize.

I always told people I taught not to do that with me, but If I am wrong, do not leave me in my ignorance.  My only requirements were to be respectful and loving when you come to my office to instruct me and to bring Scripture in content as that is the only thing that counts.  Opinions, feelings, personal convictions, Grandma’s proverbs or Dr. Goodwords’ thought from the media really do not matter if they are based upon sound doctrine.

Just because that is how you always did something or that “ain’t the way I heered it” does not make it wrong.  We heard about many things that were not true like the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus growing up, but we grew up and found out the truth.  Many of our theological ritual, rules, and other traditions can and often do fall into that same category.  Someone meant well when they taught you something like the young lady’s Daddy who said God did not tell Hosea to marry a prostitute, but they could be wrong.

I have always been a questioner, a paradigm challenger, a Maverick and whatever the current fad word for that kind of person is these days.  I want my Kool-Aid cyanide free and I know that the majority is not always right hence we had steam boats, aircraft and space travel contrary to majority opinion.  It is like 20 out of 30 kids in a classroom saying 2+2 is 5 does not make it correct.  Much common consensus is not necessarily common sense.  Indeed, I think common sense has passed away after being in the ICU since the 60’s,

So, if I, or another person, tell you something contrary to your beliefs don’t get angry or smack us with your large print Bible.  Search the Bible like the Bereans  and see if these things are so.  If they ate, thank us for showing you the truth. If they aren’t then come in the right spirit to teach us,  Iron sharpens iron so let us all study to correctly interpret the Word and keep each other safe and accountable.  Maranatha!


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