If You Knew Your Date?

August 17, 2017

Isa 38:4 Then came the word of the LORD to Isaiah, saying,
5 Go, and say to Hezekiah, Thus saith the LORD, the God of David thy father, I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears: behold, I will add unto thy days fifteen years.

What would you do if you knew when you would die? What if God told you 15 or even 5? What significant changes would you make? I had something make think about this since I am soon to be 65 and the average lifespan is 70 to 80 years. That means I have 15 at best if I make the average, but more likely 5 as I have and have had some health issues and some close calls with death from the time I was six.

With that in mind, I am going to try and develop a 5 year plan. Most jobs ask that kind of thing. “Where do you see yourself or where would you like to be in five years?” I would say, at this point, still breathing.

My desire is to be more fruitful in the next five years than I have been in the past 65, which means I have to get very close to God or it will not happen. At this point. I cannot tell you what that fruit or relationship will look like as it will take some time before I see more than a few steps down that road. If God decides to allow me a few more years than the plan will be reviewed at that time.

Not sure that fruit will include anything that will land me on TV or the best seller’s list with my biography, but fruit that lasts and is truly profitable may be something not seen that publically. It might be an undercurrent of some sort that will affect the Kingdom without any PR for me at all or not until after my death. That does help keep you humble and God rewards humility more than publicity.

I do expect to see things I have never seen before and receive things that I do not know now. I want to let God be God as He once asked me if I would do that. This may be where my long and wakeful journey begins that was prophesied over my wife and myself. Five years is a long time and if the journey ends for me then, it is well with my soul.

Anyway, prayers are requested. May I be given the wisdom I need to develop the plan and then work the plan. Pray for my wife because she will be a part of the plan and the journey. May she find great joy and peace as we go. Thank you for your friendship and prayers. May God present you with a plan and journey as well!

On average, the overall life expectancy, for someone born in 2015, fell from 78.9 years to 78.8 years. The life expectancy for the average American man fell two-tenths of a year — from 76.5 to 76.3. For women, it dropped one-tenth — from 81.3 to 81.2 years.



Deep End

August 1, 2017

You say that you are my friend
But I’ve gone off the deep end.
I was drowning in the kiddie pool
Being such a crazy blasted fool.
Fussing at and cussing out everyone
Instead of leading them to God’s Son.


I’m goin’ off the deep end!
I’m goin’ off the deep end!
Where God’s love and mercy flows!
Where my soul and spirit grows!
I’m goin’ off the deep end!
Yeah, give me the deep end!

I’m tired of judging the outside
Instead of loving the soul inside!
When we are laid in that old cold sod
We won’t be happy that we played God!
We may find that we did not make it at all
Or all our wonderful works are really straw.


I won’t lose any of my sleep
Because you say I am too deep!
I can’t stand to be shallow
Or leaving my fields fallow!
I need to lose the rocks and stones
O God give life to these dry bones


Even though I am somewhat old school
I cannot live in the kiddie pool.
I hate the old drama and silly strife
Jesus lead me into your full life!
Let the Spirit take you to His school!
Go deeper inside the holy pool!


It is time to dump the old me!
So the new man is truly free!
No more of the Pharisaical jaw
Spouting free grace but practicing the law!
Leave the old kiddie pool behind!
Come into the deep end! It’s fine!

Refrain X2 fading


Get In The Game!

August 1, 2017

Hating color is so lame
DNA is not the blame
If you’re a punk
Shooting junk
Or a hunk
Stayin’ drunk.
What you do with what you got
Is what makes you hot or snot
A bright star or a messy blot.
Quit hatin’ your perceived lot
Like your nothin’ but a Bot.
Don’t worry what you’re not
Show the world what you’ve got
Take a stand and find your slot!
You can’t win if you don’t take the shot!
But not by hangin’ on the lot
Or layin’ up in the cot
Smokin’ that funky pot
Quit actin’ like a tiny tot
Till you’re in that grave plot.
There is no one else to blame
If you’re not in the game.
All stories are just the same
The mirror tells the name
Of the one that’s lame.
Change that person’s fame
And get into the game!

January 23, 2016

Teacher Rap

August 1, 2017

The teacher said, “Yo, you’re in school!
Sit down! Quit actin’ like a fool
Cuz no one’s learnin’ when you’re tryin’ to be cool!
Sit down! Yo, you’re in school.

I can here to educate
Not to listen to you pontificate
About why you were up so late
Or the details of your last date.

I know that your Mama’s cub
But there’ll be no major hubbub
Cz you’re in school! Ah, there’s the rub!
Sit down for I am the Sub!

November 2011

For Dudes Seeking A Mate

August 1, 2017

If you want her to call you honey
You must be smart and funny.
You don’t have to be a hunk,
But you better not be a punk.

To keep her in the scene
Just treat her like a queen.
It’s always a big perk
If you’re not a total jerk.

So catch the drift my short rhyme
If you want that love for all time
She will not want to walk away
If you learn and laugh everyday.

May 16, 2017

Fire In The Hole

August 1, 2017

Whether things are good or dire,
Lord, I still need Holy Ghost fire.
It’s too easy to rely on the Flesh
Although it and the Spirit cannot mesh.

At times, like an eagle I can soar
Because I hear the Holy fire’s roar.
When I feel the burning in my chest
That is only when I can serve you best.

If I want to see my fruit surging
I must constantly obey the fire’s urging.
Let the fire my soul consume and surround
Until all that is left is holy ground.

In my heart there is a hole for you.
Let the flame be strong and ever true.
As I walk by every living soul
Let then all see the fire in the hole!


“Fire in the hole” is a warning that an explosive detonation in a confined space is imminent.” My hope is that the fire of God in me will explode and destroy the enemy’s strongholds in the ones I meet and will win them to Christ or restore them making me an Invincible Elohim Device used against the kingdom of darkness.


For My Warrior Brethren

August 1, 2017

I did not die and I do not regret.
I served and now live as a Vet.
For those who lie in the grave
I will lift my voice to rave.

They died that freedom might win.
I am proud to call them my kin.
Uniforms came in several colors
But all of them clothed my brothers.

Some fell in burning sand or mud
Others from the sky shed their blood.
Some their bodies we shall never see
For they lie in the depths of the sea.

Let’s not forget our sisters brave and true
Who walked the paths of Hell to die too.
God bless those heroic angel nurses
Who kept our boys from filling hearses.

One dear sister in World War II
Knew what she had to do.
A grenade in her bra she did place
To slow down the enemy’s pace.

How many soldier’s round her gathered
And had their bones and blood spattered?
They grabbed at her in their evil lust
Only to be turned to bloody dust.

All her sisters escaped that day
Because she walked the warrior way.
Her story they would tell to one and all
Thus she lives on many a heart’s wall.

Some came home. at least in part,
For the war never left their heart.
Some did not come back physically whole
Others came back with a sad wounded soul.

My brothers and sisters gave their all.
Will you answer when your duty calls?
I praise their lives and I do not regret
That I’m their brother, an American Vet.



August 1, 2017

I make sure that I say, “Yes, Sir”
When approached by an officer!
I don’t petition to let me go.
He’s doing his job as an LEO.

I’ve been stopped for running a red light
And even when my lights failed at night.
I did not challenge his need to inspect.
I gave him what he deserved, RESPECT!

I’ve never had a problem with the Law.
They always respond when I need to call.
I know their job is not always fun.
Too many have died by someone’s gun.

I’m old military and understand
Not everyone is a LEO fan.
To me he is a brother in a different war.
Mine in the jungle and his in the city’s core.

Are they not human and sometimes fall?
No need to kill and hate them all.
When you’re in trouble where will you go?
There’s none else to help but your LEO.


Written while I was manning the sex offender registration desk for the Cleburne PD.