For My Warrior Brethren

August 1, 2017

I did not die and I do not regret.
I served and now live as a Vet.
For those who lie in the grave
I will lift my voice to rave.

They died that freedom might win.
I am proud to call them my kin.
Uniforms came in several colors
But all of them clothed my brothers.

Some fell in burning sand or mud
Others from the sky shed their blood.
Some their bodies we shall never see
For they lie in the depths of the sea.

Let’s not forget our sisters brave and true
Who walked the paths of Hell to die too.
God bless those heroic angel nurses
Who kept our boys from filling hearses.

One dear sister in World War II
Knew what she had to do.
A grenade in her bra she did place
To slow down the enemy’s pace.

How many soldier’s round her gathered
And had their bones and blood spattered?
They grabbed at her in their evil lust
Only to be turned to bloody dust.

All her sisters escaped that day
Because she walked the warrior way.
Her story they would tell to one and all
Thus she lives on many a heart’s wall.

Some came home. at least in part,
For the war never left their heart.
Some did not come back physically whole
Others came back with a sad wounded soul.

My brothers and sisters gave their all.
Will you answer when your duty calls?
I praise their lives and I do not regret
That I’m their brother, an American Vet.



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