August 1, 2017

I make sure that I say, “Yes, Sir”
When approached by an officer!
I don’t petition to let me go.
He’s doing his job as an LEO.

I’ve been stopped for running a red light
And even when my lights failed at night.
I did not challenge his need to inspect.
I gave him what he deserved, RESPECT!

I’ve never had a problem with the Law.
They always respond when I need to call.
I know their job is not always fun.
Too many have died by someone’s gun.

I’m old military and understand
Not everyone is a LEO fan.
To me he is a brother in a different war.
Mine in the jungle and his in the city’s core.

Are they not human and sometimes fall?
No need to kill and hate them all.
When you’re in trouble where will you go?
There’s none else to help but your LEO.


Written while I was manning the sex offender registration desk for the Cleburne PD.


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