I am retired military and because I retired from the Army, I use Old Sarge.  However, I also served in the USAF and USAFR, the USNR and finally the USAR.  I guess I am two-thirds Old Sarge and one third Old Salt.  😉

I won’t be here daily and it may be a poem or a sermon or just a comment on life when I do post.   Hopefully, you will enjoy what you see or read, but if not, at least maybe I will challenge you to think.  I have been an instructor and even a substitute teacher and I love to teach and provoke thought.  I have been called a hippie, a paradigm challenger and a Maverick.  I guess  you could add Rengegade, Rebel and Rogue at some points in my life.

Luke 22:31,32 are my life verses and that is what I try to do, strengthen the brethren.


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